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To provide you with the safest pipe fittings And the most considerate service is our company belief.

1. Product quality. All the provided products meet the national & international standards and industrial standards, and all the technical specifications are strictly in line with the contract to meet users’ demands.

2. Technical service. Act as a reliable adviser, introduce users product performance, application conditions, and related technical data, and help them select right products, promote design, and train operators and maintenance personnel. Upon receiving repair reports about quality problems, we will response within 24h, and continue the service till failure recovery.

3. Product repair and replacement service in the contracted warranty period. We will assume the due responsibilities for the loss or accident due to product quality. 3

4. Operation and maintenance. If you have any problems, please contact our Service Hotline: +86-574-58220516. Our technical expert will give a satisfactory response at any time.

5. Real-time supervision system. Regarding to major technical equipment projects and supporting products of key engineering, users are welcomed to manufacturing supervision; if necessary, we carry out the technical service delegate general system and field service system to assist users in installation and debugging to satisfy them.